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  • Hoolux Hears you Canada!

    In Canada, Digital Out of Home devices have nearly doubled in the last 20 months. The Out-of-Home Marketing Association of Canada (OMAC) says the number of screens its' members operate across the country has risen by around 80% to more than 6,800.

    OMAC operate an online directory of DOOH in Canada, its’ member operators include Astral Out-of-Home, CBS Outdoor, Metromedia and Newad.

    They identified the main growth drivers were technological developments. Along with these they recognized that advertisers desire quick campaign rollouts, creative flexibility, integration with mobile phones and consumer engagement – All of which the Hoolux platform provides.

    If Canadian Media Owners or Buyers are looking for a platform that encompasses all possible advertising needs, cutting edge technology and has huge revenue generating potential, they should sign up to the Hoolux system today!

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