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  • Face Track Your Advertising

    Research has revealed new insights into consumer engagement and optimum animation levels of digital advertising.

    This research tracked consumer engagement with digital advertising displays in two major UK shopping malls. A HD camera was placed on a digital screen, providing contact data from those who passed.

    This research involving face-tracking technology, similar to the cutting-edge anonymous facial detection software used in the Hoolux platform, has revealed that ad contacts strongly correlated to footfall. It also revealed that much longer dwell times were seen at weekends, when people were in less of a rush and feeling more relaxed.

    Most importantly, the report discovered that DOOH advertising produced high consumer engagement, long consumer contact with digital adverts and consumer expressions proved overwhelmingly positive.

    Leading Global Media buyers Kinetic and Clear channel pioneered this research.
    It is another example of the added benefits of Digital advertising, compared to traditional, static Out- of Home alternatives.

    The Hoolux platform provides an even more advanced technology, not only giving you real-time data on your consumers and advertising campaigns, but also targeting actual ads at specific demographics, so advertisers get their ads displayed to more of their target audience than ever before.

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