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  • Data - Good for Advertisers, Good for Consumers

    We are in a new age of advertising! Data is leading and informing advertisers and consumers alike.

    The role of data in advertising is becoming paramount priority for advertisers. Using data correctly can increase your market and consumer knowledge, ultimately leading to real and significant sales growth.

    Marketers have searched through consumer information for decade’s -from focus groups to public records – using this information to target people most likely to buy certain products and discover user needs and desires. The old days of advertising being simply about big ideas are gone, and is being replaced with intelligent systems making it possible for advertisers to achieve line of sight on their consumers.

    Management systems such as the system used in the Hoolux platform, enable advertisers to receive real-time data and analytics on their campaigns. This empowers them to evaluate the performance or effectiveness of their advertising and alter the message, the way the ad looks, the times of day it’s displayed or the audience targeted to see it. This provides an optimal level of flexibility and control over campaigns. This system also provides advertisers with an accurate way to measure the return on their investment as they are only paying if consumers have actually engaged with ads, so basically if their advertising is working.
    Data is used to deduce consumer signals and deliver advertising that is more relevant and meaningful to consumers. This benefits consumers as they are seeing content that is applicable to them, and it facilitates advertisers to target their ads at the consumers they want.

    The ultimate goal in marketing is reaching target consumers with relevant ads at the right times and places. This is no longer just an ad-mans pipe dream; it’s a possible reality. With the Hoolux platform, advertisers and consumers both result in a win, win situation.

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