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digital out of home advertising!


If you handle the advertising for your company, big or small, Hoolux provides a flexible, transparent platform, so controlling your campaigns has never been easier or more effective!

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If you’re in charge of advertising for a number of brands, Hoolux will increase consumer engagement, give you in-built market research and deliver a return on investment like no other platform!

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THIS IS WHAT YOU GET - enhanced consumer...

  • Knowledge

    Through our online system, you can login at anytime and see detailed reports on your campaign, giving you invaluable insights into your consumers.

    You can customize your campaigns with ease for maximum effect, helping you drive sales and better connect with your consumers.

  • Targeting

    Our anonymous facial detection technology targets consumers within the demographic You have selected, so you reach more of the customers you want.

    Providing an advertising solution tailored to your campaign requirements.

  • Engagement


    Hoolux only registers viewers who have actively engaged with ads for at least one second or longer, providing verified consumer engagement.

    And the best part is, you only pay per view! Through our cloud based system you can see who, where, when and for how long viewers engaged with your ad. This allows you to tailor your campaign for maximum effect. 

    Now that’s cost-effective advertising!

  • Interaction

    As customers are viewing ads designed for them, their interaction with the ad is increased. Customers can swipe the screen to receive a coupon for this ad, which they can redeem later, enhancing consumer interaction and coupon redemption.

    Basically making your customers happy, and your ads more powerful!


So now you know what we’re about


See our FAQ section or contact us directly at Hoolux.com. Our team's on hand to help answer your questions, and will get back to you a.s.a.p.

  • Is it free to sign up? 

    Hoolux is free to sign up, and you get 500 free views when you do. Score!

  • What is the cost of a campaign?

    After these free views, if you want to continue using Hoolux you can assign a budget from as little as a few dollars to continue advertising on our platform. You set the budget, so you decide how much you pay on either, a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis.

  • I am a Media Buyer. Is Hoolux good for me?

    Hoolux is great for you, because it does all your market research for you. It also allows you to show your clients how effective their campaign was and their exact return on investment.

    We provide a centralized portal for Media buyers where you can track all of your various campaigns simultaneously, giving you line of sight across your portfolio of advertising campaigns in real-time.

  • I am a single advertiser. Will this work for me?

    Sure, it’ll work a treat! You have total control over your advertising, from setting the budget, to where you want your ads shown. Best the best part is, you only pay if viewers engage with your ad, so you only pay if your advertising is effective. Easy peasy!

  • What information will we get about the viewers of our campaigns?

    Hoolux lets you know the demographic of each viewer who engages with your campaign. It tells you when and where they engaged with your ad, and also for how long.

    This gives you in-built market research and in-depth knowledge about your consumers, telling you just how effective your advertising is.

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