Through our experience in the advertising industry, we found that clients wanted a more focused approach to pinpoint their target consumers, get instant feedback on the effectiveness of their campaigns and an accountable way of measuring the return on their marketing investment.

Hoolux is an innovative Digital Out of Home (DOOH) Advertising Solution that addresses all these issues! Hoolux provides measurable and targeted advertising, tailored to clients marketing specifications. This helps you build a better relationship with your target consumers, and enhances consumer engagement, interaction and redemptionWe have designed Hoolux from the outset to deliver groundbreaking levels of real-time viewer data. It is fully transparent. For the first time in DOOH, you can actually track and measure who, when, where and for how long consumers have actively engaged with your ad!

If you’re an Advertiser or Media Buyer, You can login online whenever you want, and can change virtually all aspects of your campaign, from budget to precisely where you want you ads shown, giving you flexibility and control over your advertising. Most importantly, through our pay-per-view system, you are only charged when a viewer actually views or engages with your ad. So you can account for all your advertising spend down to a single view, helping you accurately measure the return on your investment.

If you’re a Publisher, Hoolux is a system that will manage your advertising content for you, directly benefiting you and your advertising clients. You no longer have to worry about getting advertisers to use your display; Hoolux organizes all that for you, hassle-free! This also allows you to rent your advertising space to a number of advertisers simultaneously. Through our pay-per-view system you receive an incredibly generous return on all advertising revenue generated from your display.

Hoolux is a revolutionary, intelligent advertising system that takes the hassle out of advertising!

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